Rapid Drug Detox For Opiates That's Safe And Effective Plus Free Unlimited Aftercare By A Doctor!


Rapid heroin detox is the answer! Our unique therapy will free you from addiction in three to four days using our individualized and perfected rapid heroin detox techniques.


When you have nowhere else to turn, rapid methadone detox is the answer. The unique therapy provided at MDS Drug Detox will unburden you of addiction in only three to four days.


If drug addiction has consumed your life to the point where you just can’t see a way out, rapid Oxycontin detox can be the force that pulls you back from the edge of that dangerous cliff.


We understand it feels like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, but remember that our Center has near 100% success rate with free unliminted aftercare by a doctor.

Rapid Opiate Detox Services Performed By Founding Doctors At MDS Drug Detox Surgical Facility. Call (888) 637-6968.

Rapid Drug Detox For Opiates Is Our Specialty. Make Your Appointment Now By Calling (888) 637-6968

What Is Rapid Drug Detox? Rapid drug detox is a safe, clinically proven and advanced addiction treatment that quickly and rapidly cleans the body and removes ALL opiates from your brain’s receptors. This is performed at MDS rapid drug detox center while under carefully monitored sedation and doctor's care through the entire rapid drug detox procedure, so that all your cravings and withdraws are eliminated. This guarantees you painless addiction recovery using FDA approved addiction medications during and after your rapid drug detox. As an added value to this rapid drug detox treatment, we also include a free Naltrexone pellet and free unlimited aftercare by our board-certified doctors to guard and protect you against relapse. You'll enjoy the highest level of rapid drug detox performed in a surgical facility with board-certified doctors using our unique tested and proven rapid drug detox method. Now you can finally enjoy an addiction-free lifestyle while getting back on your feet in just a matter of days, and back to work in a little as one week!

What is the MDS rapid drug detox advantage? MDS Drug Detox is owned and operated by board-certified doctors that guarantee you the highest level of advanced addiction recovery that includes a free consultation with an addiction recovery doctor. We truly care about every patient, and we offer the highest level of care with all-inclusive pricing no hidden extras that includes a free naltrexone pellet to eliminate your cravings and withdrawals, unlimited aftercare by a doctor, a three night hotel stay for you and a companion. Our exclusive rapid opiate detox treatment has a near 100% success rate for detoxing any opiate under sedation to eliminate the pain and anxiety of withdrawals.

MDS rapid drug detox is the nation's only rapid drug detox center with two board-certified physicians; one in addiction medicine and one in anesthesiology plus over 30 years combined experience in medicine and drug addiction recovery. Your complete privacy and confidentiality 100% guaranteed, and you will receive personalized addiction treatment and therapy based on your specific needs.  As always, we offer you all-inclusive pricing with no hidden extras, free naltrexone and unlimited aftercare by a board-certified doctor in addiction medicine. In addition, you can call (888) 637-6968 any time day or night and receive a free consultation with a doctor and learn more about our advanced drug detox in a state-of-the-art surgical facility. Easy interest free financing is just one phone call away at (888) 637-6968. Speak with Ann or Dr. George for more information and some one-on-one help with no obligation of any kind. MDS Drug Detox is a surgical facility that detoxes opiates under sedation, and we successfully detox patients from all over the United States and Canada on a daily basis.

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