Developing A Post-Detox Diet Plan

A detox diet plan is one element that could stand to get more attention when it comes to overcoming addiction. While a program like the rapid drug detox at MDS includes hydration and electrolytes to replenish and repower the body during the procedure, a diet plan for your life post-detox is crucial to getting and…


Post-Treatment Naltrexone Maintenance Program

If you’re not familiar with rapid drug detox, then you may be wondering what a naltrexone implant actually is. Naltrexone is a drug that safely and effectively blocks opiates from the brain. Implants are used in conjunction with the rapid drug detox to round out the detoxification process. When the procedure begins, the patient is…


Finding The Right Rehabilitation Psychologist

Once rapid drug detox has been completed, the next step on the road to recovery is to find the right rehabilitation psychologist for you. Rapid drug detox will end your body’s physical addiction in three to four days, but a full recovery comes from understanding the mental and emotional reasons behind the addiction. Therapy with…


Opiate-Cocaine Addiction Leading to Cardiomyopathy

MDS Drug Detox Case Study Opiate-Cocaine Addiction Leading to Cardiomyopathy Safety is Our Priority. A 39 year old male patient flew in from Canada for rapid Oxycontin detox. Because of his heavy use of Cocaine with Oxycontin , a cardiac ECHO was done before the detox procedure.The study showed Cardiomyopathy with moderately compromised heart function….


The Science Behind Naltrexone Therapy

While in the midst of the darkest depths of your drug addiction, the dim light you see leading you back to a normal life doesn’t have to be so hard to find. Through an effective treatment called Naltrexone therapy, opiate dependent individuals can move on past their struggles and find freedom from their drug taking…


The Basics Of Relapse Prevention

After completing rapid drug detox at a facility like MDS Drug Detox, patients and their loved ones are still responsible for helping with relapse prevention. Naltrexone, the drug used throughout the procedure, will help to curb cravings, but there are several keys steps that must be followed in order to continue leading a new life…


Would Heroin Withdrawal Lead to Psychosis

MDS Drug Detox Case Study Would Heroin Withdrawal Lead to Psychosis? An 18 year old male patient using large doses of IV Heroin realized that his abuse soon would lead to his death. His mother, now aware of his addiction with the escalation of the heroin dose, scrambled to put a stop to this dangerous…


Addicted To IV Methadone?

MDS DRUG DETOX CASE STUDY Addicted to IV Methadone! Safety is Our Priority. With long standing history of methadone addiction, a young female contacted us for rapid methadone detox treatment.  Initially, she took methadone orally. Later she engaged in intravenous Methadone injection. Before coming to our rapid drug detox center, she was transitioned back to…


Prescription Painkillers Statistics

Prescription Painkillers Statistics Death from overdose of prescription pain medication has quadrupled in the USA in the last decade, according to the CDC. Vicodin, Oxycontin and Methadone have accounted for 125,000 deaths from 1999 to 2010. Death from prescription opiates has surpassed that from heroin and cocaine combined. According to the CDC, for every overdose death…


Cory Monteith – could this tragedy have been avoided?

Another famous and successful young man was found dead from drug overdose last night. Cory Monteith has been through many high priced drug rehabs, one just recently, but to no avail. And the world is mourning another talented actor. My partner and I run a rapid drug detox facility – MDS Drug Detox. We have…