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Rapid Suboxone Detox – The MDS Process

Rapid Suboxone DetoxNothing can be more thrilling than thinking you’ve found a cure for your addiction, only to realize after your treatment that you’ve become hooked on what you thought was the answer. Other Rapid Drug Detox facilities use Suboxone in their treatment process, which can have a devastating effect on an addict. At MDS, we routinely treat patients who have become addicted to the drug with Rapid Suboxone Detox.

The MDS Rapid Suboxone Detox procedure utilizes a Naltrexone therapy that ensures the body is relieved from dependency on opiates. Naltrexone therapy does not use opiates, so you won’t have the complications that come with using Suboxone. Instead, Naltrexone pushes opiate blockers into the body, which cover opiate receptors and help to reduce cravings.

We are so very thankful for your commitment to helping our sons and for your dedication to help make your rapid detox program a success, one that is devoted to patients, and to their loved ones. — Len & Sharon

Why Rapid Suboxone Detox?

MDS offers a detox from Suboxone in which patients are thoroughly cared for by certified physicians and staff for their entire stay. While sedated, Naltrexone is given to the patient and administered for a few hours. During this time, the patient’s body experiences the withdrawal symptoms associated with Suboxone, but they are unconscious and don’t feel the effects. Don’t wait! Get help with our Rapid Suboxone Detox program!
All of our MDS patients are entitled to unlimited aftercare by their medical doctor and will be monitored until they feel that they are OK to leave. MDS offers individualized, one-on-one care that ensures each patient receives the attention that they deserve during their detox from Suboxone.

Your New Life Without Suboxone

Are you tired of being hooked to Suboxone? Are you ready for a detox process that will truly end your dependency on this opiate? MDS wants to help you return to your normal life and achieve all that you’ve ever wanted to do. The Rapid Suboxone Detox program at MDS allows patients to:

  • Live cleanly without the looming feeling of addiction
  • Reconnect with family, friends, loved ones and children
  • Offer a sense of capability and self-esteem
  • The prospect of a fresh start in the workforce.
  • The ability to move on from a life surrounded by crime into a healthy environment.
  • A chance to find a sense of purpose.
  • Live with the healthy body and mind that everyone truly deserves.

Our Promise

People who are addicted and dependent on Suboxone deserve to be treated as human beings and receive a chance to right their wrongs. MDS Drug Detox can help the hopeless return to a prosperous life with our detox from Suboxone treatment, which is performed in a professional intensive care-like setting.

What can I say besides the word THANK YOU? Because THANK YOU ISNT ENOUGH. MDS- Has been the BEST – Thing that could have happened to Me. — S & V

Tired of the pain of Suboxone addiction? MDS can help end your troubles with this opiate. Find out if Rapid Suboxone Detox is right for you by picking up a phone right now and calling 888.637.6968. Our Admissions Councilor Ann Mekani is more than ready to discuss your situation and the options available for you at MDS.

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