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Safe Rapid Drug Detox Under Sedation. Near 100% Success Rate.
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MDS Drug Detox Provides Rapid Detox for All Opiates

MDS Drug Detox is the nation’s only rapid opiate drug detox center founded and operated by two board-certified physicians; one in addiction medicine and one in anesthesiology plus over 30 years combined experience in medicine and drug addiction recovery. Your complete privacy and confidentiality 100% guaranteed, and you will receive personalized addiction treatment and therapy based on your specific needs. We offer competitive pricing, and aftercare by a board-certified doctor in addiction medicine.

Call (888) 637-6968 any time and receive a free consultation and learn more about our opiate reversal treatment under sedation in our state-of-the-art surgical facility. Easy interest-free financing is just one phone call away, and speak with Ann for more information. The MDS Drug Detox center is a rapid opiate detox facility that accepts all patients from all over the United States and Canada on a daily basis.

MDS Drug Detox is fully equipped and staffed to keep you in our hospital environment overnight until the day after your detox procedure. Patients will not leave until the patient and their caregiver feels ready for them to leave. Dr. George, the treating physician who is familiar with and involved in your care during the entire process, makes rounds and examines patients daily. Dr. George will also do rounds every morning at the hotel your at after your detox procedure until your discharge. Additionally, both the paramedic and Dr. George are always available on the phone should any questions or concerns arise.

Board Certified Doctors MDS Drug Detox is owned and operated by Dr. Julia Aharonov board-certified Anesthesiologist, and Dr. Joseph George board-certified in Addiction Medicine.
Change Your Life Today Rapid drug detox is the key to conquering your addiction and changing your life for the better.
Naltrexone Therapy While in the midst of the darkest depths of your drug addiction, the dim light you see leading you back to a normal life doesn’t have to be so hard to find.

Rapid Drug Detox For Opiates Is Our Specialty. Make Your Appointment Now By Calling (888) 637-6968

What is the MDS rapid drug detox advantage? MDS Drug Detox is owned and operated by board-certified doctors that guarantee you the highest level of advanced addiction recovery that includes a free consultation with an addiction recovery doctor.

We truly care about every patient, and we offer the highest level of care with all-inclusive pricing no hidden extras that includes unlimited aftercare by a doctor, a three night hotel stay for you and a companion. Our exclusive rapid opiate detox treatment has a near 100% success rate for detoxing opiates like rapid Heroin detox and rapid Oxycodone detox under sedation to eliminate the pain and anxiety of withdrawals.


Information from the Doctors

Dr. Joseph George and Dr. Julia Aharonov are both board certified doctors that oversee all rapid detox procedures at MDS.

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Reviews from Google
"My life without substances is much better, but is only the beginning. Now I am living LIFE without them!"
"It is the nicest facility with the most wonderful genuine staff. Every accommodation possible is here and it's just like home. The staff attends to every patient with love, care and respect."
"Honestly, I felt no withdrawal after the procedure. It is now day 27 and I've been able to work again with a very clear head; I have no regrets and have much gratitude to Dr. George and his staff for getting me off of the opiates without withdrawing."
"Before find MDS Drug Detox, I was a prescription drug addict for 8 years and felt like I'd never get my life back. The procedure they offer is the easiest, most comfortable thing I've done in 8 years. Thank you ."
"I have my whole life ahead of me and now I can share with others my journey and give them the same hope that I have found. It is wonderful to wake up each day and not depend on pills to control my day. Thank you so much, Dr. ...
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