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Insomnia Prevalent During Early Recovery From Addiction


A recent report in the Journal of Addiction Medicine indicates that insomnia is a significant problem for patients recovering from addiction and can potentially lead to increased risk of relapse.

The authors of the study found that insomnia in those undergoing recovery from drug addiction was as much as five times higher than the standard population and could go on for months or even years.

Addiction To Alcohol Can Cause Severe Sleep Disruption

While being addicted to a variety of drugs can cause insomnia this study showed that many alcoholics turned to drinking as a way to try to address their sleep problems. This is not recommended as it has been documented that alcohol causes negative effects to several neurobiological systems and can even cause long lasting sleep problems even after individuals stop drinking.

Should Sleep Medications Be Prescribed To Recovering Addicts?

The research is mixed as to whether sleep medications should be prescribed to individuals that are in recovery from addiction. The main problem with prescribing these drugs to recovering addicts is that this portion of the population is sometimes more likely to abuse, misuse or develop an addiction to sleep medications. Creating a dependency on sleep medications then increases a patient’s risk of relapse.

Behavioral Treatments May Hold Key To Treating Insomnia

With many medical clinicians hesitant to prescribe sleep medications to recovering addicts, doctors are looking to behavioral approaches to treat these suffering patients. Evidence supports the use of CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy. This method of therapy involves patients keeping sleep diaries each day as well as questionnaires on the patient’s treatment and progress and using certain behavioral practices to promote sound sleep.

CBT works by treating the behaviors that may be perpetuating the insomnia.  Behavior modifications include limiting the amount of time that is spent in bed to the actual amount of time slept as well as strengthening the association between sleep and being in bed.

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July 24, 2015
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